Membership FAQ

What is YNot Local?
YNot Local is a company that offers discounts to local businesses while supporting local charities and organizations.

How much does the membership cost for a member?
The membership cost $40.00 per year for each member who signs up. The membership is valid from one year of purchase.

What are the benefits of membership to YNot Local?
Members will enjoy exclusive deals at local businesses and support their local community at the same time.

How do I join YNot Local?
Click here and complete an application.

How much does it cost for a vendor?
It does not cost a vendor anything. The vendor chooses their own personal business promotion.

Why would a vendor want to participate with YNot Local?
This may increase customer clientele. The vendor will have more exposure to their business. YNot Local can advertise specials from time to time.

Does YNot local have any suggested promotions for the vendor?
It all depends on the business. Contact for examples.

How do I choose a charity in which to donate to?
When enrolling in YNot Local, you will have the option to choose one of our elite charities that you would like to donate to.

How much does the charity receive?
The charity or organization will receive $5.00 for each person who chooses to donate to them up to 100 people. After they achieve 100 people, the charity or organization will receive $10.00 per person.

When will YNot Local send money to the charity or organization?
YNot Local will deliver the check monthly to each charity that receives donations based on YNot Local membership  enrollment.

Can I choose any charity?
Please select from the many charities we’re supporting in your community. If you would like to make a suggestion for a charity, we’d love to hear it!  Contact Remember, the charity must be a non-profit organization (501 (C) (3).